EP 127 - Getting Creative in the Kitchen: Secrets from a Global Chef

From the Show: Dr. Taz Show
Summary: Who said healthy cooking needs to be complicated? Nealy Fischer shares kitchen hacks for preparing simple, healthy meals at home.
Air Date: 4/30/19
Duration: 19:03
Host: Dr. Taz
Guest Bio: Nealy Fischer, Founder & Director of The Flexible Chef
Nealy.jpgNealy Fischer is the founder of The Flexible Chef and author of the upcoming book, Food You Want For The Life You Crave. As a mother of four, home chef, yoga teacher, world traveler, and wellness entrepreneur, Nealy’s mission is to inspire people around the world to live their most vibrant and crave-worthy lives. 

The Flexible Chef is a global food and lifestyle brand with a large social media presence, consisting of blog shares, inspirational photos, and step-by-step YouTube videos where Nealy teaches her healthy yet flexible approach to cooking and eating to her tens of thousands of fans. Her upcoming book, Food You Want For The Life You Crave (April 2019, Da Capo Lifelong Books),features over 100 fresh, gluten-free and flexible recipes that create craveable and energizing dishes—all while saving time and banishing meal prep stress. Nealy's adaptable cooking system gives readers a simpler recipe for success, both in and out of the kitchen.
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EP 127 - Getting Creative in the Kitchen: Secrets from a Global Chef
Between taking care of family, working a full- or part-time job, and running around to various social and community events, many women struggle to find time to prepare a healthy meal. And, when they do find the time, they feel frustrated they’re not living up to what they should be doing in the kitchen.

Nealy Fischer, founder of The Flexible Chef, encourages women to ditch perfection in the kitchen and focus on creating meals that fit within their lifestyle. By preparing meals at home, a person immediately becomes more conscious about what she’s putting into her body. But, according to Nealy, healthy cooking doesn’t need to be complicated.

Listen as Nealy joins Dr. Taz to share quick kitchen hacks for cooking simple, healthy meals for you and your family.