EP 118 - Nutrition and Your Gut: What You Need to Know

From the Show: Dr. Taz Show
Summary: Stress, a lack of sleep and poor food choices can seriously affect your gut health and digestion. Registered Dietitian Isabel Smith explains how your body breaks down food.
Air Date: 2/12/19
Duration: 22:40
Host: Dr. Taz
Guest Bio: Isabel Smith, MS RD CDN
SmithIsabel Smith holds a Registered Dietitian License, a Bachelors of Health and Exercise Science from Gettysburg College, and a Masters of Science in Nutrition Communications. Isabel was trained in all areas of clinical nutrition at New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and has worked with patients at other highly esteemed Academic Medical Centers including Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Hospital for Special Surgery. Throughout her training, Isabel also trained under some of the best Integrative and Functional Medicine Dietitians and Clinicians and uses her Integrative and Functional Wellness training together with her clinical background when working with clients and groups.

In her private practice, Isabel works with clients in the areas of oncology, weight loss, hormone balance, thyroid health, digestive health (celiac, IBS/IBD, allergies and sensitivities), weight loss and intuitive eating, athletic performance, blood sugar control and diabetes, and more. Isabel also works with corporations and corporate executives to promote healthy eating and mindfulness/stress management. In addition to working with individual and corporate clients, Isabel writes for various digital publications and collaborates on various social media projects as well.

Her expert opinion is often featured in nationally recognized publications, and her expert opinion is sought after by many. In her spare time, Isabel can be found making new recipes, trying various new exercise classes, practicing yoga and running in Central Park with her Yorkshire Terriers, Sasha and Henry.
EP 118 - Nutrition and Your Gut: What You Need to Know
Many Americans have adopted a behavior of stress, forcing their bodies to constantly function in fight-or-flight mode. This stress cause immune system issues, period disruptions, sleep issues and keeps them from being able to properly digest  food. 

Food is metabolized differently when you’re stressed than when you’re relaxed. Quickly scarfing down a meal without looking at your food can cause a variety of digestion and gut issues.

Isabel Smith, a Registered Dietitian, offers advice on how to become more aware of your stress levels and develop self-care practices like journaling or exercising to improve your gut health. She also shares the top foods that keep your gut functioning as it should.

Listen as Smith joins Dr. Taz to discuss how stress affects your gut and digestion.