EP 144 - The Essential Oils Diet

From the Show: Dr. Taz Show
Summary: Learn how essential oils can boost your mood, help you sleep, and fight addiction and cravings.
Air Date: 9/10/19
Duration: 31:13
Host: Dr. Taz
Guest Bio: Eric Zielinski, DC & Sabrina Zielinski
Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 9.52.23 AMDr. Eric Zielinski is the author of the National Bestseller, The Healing Power of Essential Oils, and has pioneered natural living and Biblical health education since 2003. Knowing what it's like to be sick from a young age and having recovered from several chronic diseases in his early 20s, he has been on a mission to share the evidence-based approach to natural living that empowered him to regain control of his health with the world. Trained as an aromatherapist, public health researcher, and chiropractor, Dr. Z is an accomplished researcher with several publications and conference proceedings.

Sabrina Ann Zielinski is a home birth mom of four and a natural health guru. The mastermind behind the allergy-friendly food recipes and DIY remedies featured on their website, she's known as “Mama Z” to many mamas who are looking for natural ways to take care of their families. As a certified group fitness instructor, health coach, and beauty pageant trainer, Sabrina's vast background in natural living has helped her empower thousands of women to reach their true potential in Christ.
  • Book Title: The Essential Oils Diet
  • Guest Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/NaturalLivingFamily/
  • Guest Twitter Account: @DrEricZielinski
EP 144 - The Essential Oils Diet
The food we eat and the products we use in everyday life can affect our hormones, mood and sleep patterns, and can cause anxiety and depression.

After spending years in a dark place, Dr. Eric Zielinski was able to fight his way out by changing his habits and removing toxins from his home. He and his wife, “Mama Z,” share recipes for essential oil blends that will give you an energy boost and help fight depression and cravings. 

They also explain how you can use essential oils to replace toxic products in your home such as hand sanitizers, synthetically fragranced lotions, perfumes and cleaning products. These toxic products cause auto-immune disease, allergies, learning disabilities, cancer, anxiety, and can generally affect the way you feel and think.

Listen as Dr. Zielinski and Mama Z join Dr. Taz to discuss the power of essential oils.