EP 148 - Detox the World

From the Show: Dr. Taz Show
Summary: Learn how to lose weight, gain clarity, and get energized with deep cellular cleansing and colon hydrotherapy.
Air Date: 10/15/19
Duration: 41:17
Host: Dr. Taz
Guest Bio: Natalia Rose, CN
Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 3.51.43 PMNatalia Rose, CN, Author & Founder, The Natalia Rose Institute is a graduate of New York University and a Clinical Nutritionist. Natalia is the author of nine books including The Raw Food Detox Diet, Raw Food Life Force Energy, The New Energy Body, Detox 4 Women, Emotional Eating S.O.S., The Rose Cleanse, Recipes For Life Force Energy Children, Forever Beautiful and The Fresh Energy Cookbook. 

After nearly 20 years in private practice in New York City, Natalia moved to Cape Town, South Africa where she continues to educate and inspire her clients and students through her books and live courses about the unparalleled health, beauty and personal power that can be gained when the body, mind, and spirit are cleansed. 

Natalia is the world’s leading expert in deep-tissue cleansing, which is the removal of accumulated acidic matter locked deep in cells and tissues of the body). The physical cleansing, however, she believes, is merely the requisite foundation and framework from which one may come to fully embody one’s innate “Primal Power” (the supreme causal power of the universe). Together, the cleansed body, mind and spirit with the restored Primal Power, offer her clients the opportunity to experience life in a fully sovereign being, pulsing with pure Life Force! 

In addition to consulting for some of the world’s most 

image-conscious actors, models, socialites, and media doyens, Natalia has been featured on NBC, FOX News, MSNBC, The View, NPR and in publications such as The New York Times, USA TODAY, Women’s World, First For Women, The Enquirer, Yoga Journal, Hamptons Magazine, Psychology Today, and more. 

Natalia teaches that each individual is a pivot point from which disease, fear, and competition can be transfigured into vibrant health, powerful love and radical interconnectivity with the network of life. The Natalia Rose Institute (detoxtheworld.com) was created to provide detailed guidance for anyone who is interested in this journey at any level of knowledge or stage of life. A great deal of the website contains free guidance so as to never make this critical information price prohibitive. 

Natalia lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her three highly-vitalized children: Thandi, 18, Tommy, 16, and Electra, seven.
  • Book Title: The Raw Food Detox Diet, Raw Food Life Force Energy, The New Energy Body, Detox 4 Women, Emotional Eating S.O.S., The Rose Cleanse, Forever Beautiful and The Fresh Energy Cookbook
EP 148 - Detox the World
Healthy atoms are negatively charged ions, meaning that there are more electrons on the outer belt than there are protons in the nucleus. Another word for this is alkaline. Positively ionically charged atoms, on the other hand, are acidic.  

Our tissues are composed of negatively charged atoms. A person therefore should be eating alkaline foods, because acidic foods can alter the body’s natural state. The degree to which a food is acidic is the degree to which it has been processed and packaged. When we consume acidic foods, it adheres to our alkaline tissue and we only eliminate 40-60% of that acidic food. 

Natalia Rose explains how we can reset our bodies, lose weight, gain clarity and feel better with a two-step process. The first phase is deep cellular cleansing, in which you ingest leafy greens to reconstitute and draw up acidic matter. The second step is the elimination of  acidic matter through colon hydrotherapy.

Listen as Natalia joins Dr. Taz to discuss deep cellular cleansing and colon hydrotherapy.