EP 184 - Health is Wealth

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Meghan Fitzgerald has worked in every domain of healthcare, from the frontlines to the Fortune 500.


Air Date: 6/16/20
Duration: 32:14
Host: Dr. Taz
Guest Bio: Meghan FitzGerald
Meghan FitzGerald is a global healthcare strategist, investor, academic, and author. She has worked in every domain of healthcare from front line patient care through the Fortune 500 while serving as an Associate Professor at Columbia University.

Currently, Meg serves as a Senior Advisor to L1 Private Equity an international investment firm with $25 billion of capital under management. Meg led L1’s Health’s inaugural investment vehicle focused on biopharma and healthcare services allocating close to ~$4B in spend to date. And she just joined Goldman Sachs’ flagship private equity platform as a strategic advisory board member.

Prior to this Meg spent nearly twenty years in Corporate America working for many prominent healthcare companies. She was the EVP of Strategy, M&A, and Health Policy at Cardinal Health (CAH) and a member of the executive committee. Before she was the President of Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, one of the fastest-growing businesses where her team took an underperforming division from $700mm USD to over $8BUSD in four years. Meg was the SVP of New Markets and Business Development at Medco Health Solutions (MHS). She previously held positions in strategy and marketing at top companies including Pfizer, Merck, and Sanofi-Synthelabo.

She is a member of the board of directors at Tenet Healthcare (THC) a leading Fortune 200 healthcare services company, Seniorlink a service platform supporting caregivers in the home and K2HealthVentures a life science investment fund where she is Chair and a founding partner. Meg just completed her third private equity deal with the acquisition of Destination Pet, a global pet care company where she is also Chair. In addition, she volunteers at her local hospital and for TrekMedics, a global nonprofit dedicated to bringing emergency care from Haiti to Tanzania.

Meg obtained a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) at New York Medical College, focusing on health policy and the social determinants of health. She earned a Master of Public Health from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Nursing from Fairfield University. Currently, Meg teaches strategy and “The Business of Healthcare” at Columbia University in New York. Her new book “Ascending Davos: A career journey from the emergency room to the board room” was just launched by Forbes Books. She is a licensed nurse in the state of FL and a volunteer global medic for TREKMEDICS bringing 911 care where there is none.

Meg is a lifelong runner, extreme sports enthusiast, and mixed martial arts fan. She resides in the West Village of New York and Naples Florida with her husband Michael Darda, a Wall Street Macro Strategist and their Weimaraner dogs Hailey and Claus.

Linkedin:  linkedin.com/in/meghanmfitzgerald
  • Book Title: Ascending Davos: A Career Journey from the Emergency Room to the Boardroom
EP 184 - Health is Wealth

Meghan Fitzgerald has worked in every domain of healthcare, from the frontlines to the Fortune 500. She is also a global healthcare strategist, investor, academic, and author.

She joins Dr. Taz talks about her mission to reform and change public healthcare, how to make pivots in your career, and her new book Ascending Davos: A Career Journey from the Emergency Room to the Boardroom.