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Antibiotics and Cardiac Death

Summary: Could azithromycin, a popular antibiotic, be the cause of cardiac death? Learn how to protect yourself.
Air Date: 5/10/13
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. Leigh Vinocur
Guest Bio: Dr. Lorraine Metzler
Dr. Lorrie Metzler, a Tulane University alumnus from New Orleans, LA, is a member of the " Spokesperson Network," of the American College of Emergency Physicians." Dr. Metzler is on the staff of East Jefferson General Hospital, and currently airs weekly as the medical expert for the New Orleans Fox Radio Broadcast, 99.5 FM.
Antibiotics and Cardiac Death
There have been conflicting studies recently about whether or not azithromycin - one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics - causes cardiac death.

Initial studies said it was dangerous.

But now a recent article suggests that's not the case in the least.

It's no wonder people are confused, not to mention concerned!

Our special guest, Dr. Lorraine Metzler, shares some important information about this topic, as well as how you can make sure you and your family members remain safe.