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Drug & Alcohol Use by Teens on the Rise?

Summary: Is your teen using drugs or trying your prescription medications? One study shows they  just might be.
Air Date: 12/6/13
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. Leigh Vinocur, MD
Guest Bio: Jose Torradas, MD
Dr. Jose Torradas was born in Houston, TX, and raised near Philadelphia, PA. He attended MIT for undergrad, and graduated medical school from the University of Pennsylvania in 2005. Dr. Torradas completed his residency at North Shore University Hospital in New York in June 2013, and is now living in San Francisco. He has been working clinically in various hospitals around Northern California. Dr. Torradas has been an active ACEP member since 2010, and public relations committee member since 2011. He has done a number of interviews for television and written press, in both English and Spanish.
Drug & Alcohol Use by Teens on the Rise?
Do you suspect that your teen may be using drugs?

It is many parents' worst fear. Recently, a new study has come out stating that one in 10 older teens have misused a prescription drug.

Are your children getting the true message of the dangers that come with drug and alcohol use?

Your child may very well be gaining access to prescription medications from your very own medicine cabinets or drawers and could be mixing them with alcohol.

Dr. Jose Torradas joins Dr. Leigh to discuss the dangers drugs and prescription medications have on your adolescent.

Make sure you dispose of any unused medications and reduce the access your child may currently have to these substances.