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Exercise Apps that Can Decrease Your BMI

Summary: There are over 1,000 exercise apps, but do they really benefit your health?
Air Date: 10/16/15
Duration: 10
Host: Leigh Vinocur, MD
Guest Bio: Leib Litman, PhD & Zohn Rosen, PhD
Leib LitmanLeib Litman holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology. He was a Neuroscience Fellow at the Marine Biological Laboratory, and a postdoctoral fellow at NYU where he studied the neural systems underlying human episodic memory. Dr Litman is currently a professor of Psychology at Lander College in Queens, NY.

Dr. Litman's research interests include the development of electronic applications (apps) for improving cardiovascular health, the study of trauma - particularly among minority groups, and the cognitive mechanisms underlying intuition. Leib Litman is the Research Director of TurkPrime.com, an online crowdsourcing platform for behavioral research.

This is the platform that was used to collect data for the present study.

Zohn RosenZohn Rosen, PhD is the Managing Director of GRAPH (Global Research Analytics for Population Health), a think-tank within Columbia University's School of Public Health that focuses on the cost effectiveness of corporate and public policy.

He is also the founding Partner of Wellness Science, LLC, a company dedicated to delivering highly effective wellness solutions across a range of clients. Dr. Rosen has his doctorate in Experimental Psychology and been involved in both commercial and academic research studies primarily focused on behavioral health.

With the formation of Wellness Science, Dr. Rosen's work has turned toward behavioral economics, leveraging personal psychology as a means to positively influence health-related behaviors. When successful, this approach can have a significant impact not only on personal health, but also on productivity and healthcare costs within a company or population.

Exercise Apps that Can Decrease Your BMI
One of the easiest ways to keep yourself accountable for your own lifestyle choices is by using apps that can motivate you to eat right, exercise, schedule doctor's appointments, and even get enough sleep.

Currently, there are thousands of exercise apps available on your phone, but can they really improve your exercise levels and overall health?

A recent study surveyed 726 participants, asking about their use of exercise apps and their health. The researchers found that exercise app users were more likely to exercise during their leisure time.

How can this help reduce BMI?

Listen in as authors Leib Litman, PhD, and Zohn Rosen, PhD, share how exercise apps can help decrease your BMI and also how they are helpful to your overall health.