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Health Benefits of Vacation

Summary: Vacation is so important, that many companies are beginning to encourage their employees to use their vacation days.
Air Date: 12/11/15
Duration: 10
Host: Leigh Vinocur, MD
Guest Bio: Patrick Duffy, Global Director of Vacations for Diamond Resorts International

Patrick Duffy Patrick Duffy is the Global Director of Vacations for Diamond Resorts International®.

Duffy is responsible for encouraging and helping global team members to schedule, plan and take their paid vacation time. Through team member workshops, Mr. Duffy provides ample resources and advice on how to request time off with management, schedule regular time off and plan yearly vacations.

Championing the company's Stay Vacationed.™ initiative, Mr. Duffy travels around the world to Diamond Resorts destinations, call centers and corporate offices to reinforce the company's beliefs of happier, healthier living through the power of vacations, and deliver the Stay Vacationed.™ workshops. Since the onset of the initiative in June 2015, Mr. Duffy has presented at nearly 20 Diamond Resorts locations, and more than 1,800 team members have benefited from the workshops.

An accomplished motivational and inspirational speaker, Duffy has been featured at Leadership Las Vegas on Art and Culture and as an Inspire speaker at 'Delivering Happiness Inspire!' sponsored by Zappos. His talent finds him featured nationally by multi-industry trade groups in roles of keynote speeches about "Why and How" to build Client/Customer dynamics from ground up, to "C" suite down.

Patrick Duffy is a dynamic leader who enjoys seeking the very best in every relationship, both professional and personal, and participates in the Las Vegas community as a transformer with every step forward. With grace and style, Duffy's welcoming nature leaves a lasting and meaningful impact, no matter the topic or the audience.

Health Benefits of Vacation
Numerous studies have shown that taking a vacation at least once a year is extremely beneficial for your overall health.

Not only does it help relieve stress and give you adventure, but if you're someone who lives in areas where most of the winter months mean frigidly cold weather and gray skies, vacation can boost your mental health as well.

Vacations are so important, that some companies, like Diamond Resorts, encourages their employees to take regular vacations in order to stay healthy and happy.

Why are regular vacations important? And, what are the benefits of vacationing?

Listen in as Patrick Duffy, Global Director of Vacations for Diamond Resorts International, shares why vacations are important for your overall health and why some companies encourage their employees to take vacations.