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Holiday Overspending & How it Affects Your Health

Summary: How is debt related to health?
Air Date: 12/18/15
Duration: 10
Host: Leigh Vinocur, MD
Guest Bio: Paul J. Lavrakas, PhD
Paul J. Lavrakas, PhD, received his MA and PhD in applied social psychology from Loyola University of Chicago. He was professor and founding faculty director of survey centers at Northwestern University (1978-1996) and Ohio State University (1996-2000) and Chief Research Methodologist for the Nielsen Company (2000-2007). Since 2007, he has worked as an independent consultant. Lavrakas was Editor of The Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods (Sage, 2008) and President of the American Association of Public Opinion Research 2012-2013.
Holiday Overspending & How it Affects Your Health
During the holidays, it can be easy to get carried away, especially if you find joy in giving to the ones you love.

However, just because the holidays usually mean you exchange gifts, this doesn't mean you need to go overboard and overspend. In fact, if you do overspend and find yourself in credit card debit, it can take a toll on your health.

How can debt be damaging to your health, and how can you avoid overspending during the holidays?

Listen in as Paul J. Lavrakas, PhD, discusses why holiday overspending can affect your health.