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Top 10 Reasons You Can't Lose Weight

Summary: Why is skipping meals bad for weight management?
Air Date: 1/22/16
Duration: 10
Host: Leigh Vinocur, MD
Guest Bio: Isabel K. Smith, MS, RD, CDN
Isabel Smith Isabel Smith, MS, RD, CDN, founder of Isabel Smith Nutrition (www.IsabelSmithNutrition.com), is a New York City-based Registered Dietitian and fitness expert; she has led hundreds of people worldwide to successfully reach their nutrition, fitness and wellness goals.

Isabel is a life-long health and wellness lover, fitness expert and trained health communicator, and has extensive training in many areas of holistic wellness and Clinical Nutrition.

In her private practice, Isabel works as a concierge nutritionist for both individual and corporate clients including Fortune 500 corporations and their C-level executives. Isabel also works as a nutrition consultant for the Hospital for Special Surgery, Reboot with Joe, and is on the Medical Advisory Board of Rejuvenetics Global.

Additionally, Isabel has extensive experience training athletes in fitness and sports nutrition and has worked with professional tennis players, the Boston Red Sox farm teams, collegiate level athletes at Harvard, and athletes at the Kent School in Kent, Connecticut.

Isabel has been featured in Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, Skinnyms.com, RadioMD.com, Rebootwithjoe.com, Eat This Not That, Juicing Radio, Family Circle Magazine online publication and with healthywomen.org.
Top 10 Reasons You Can't Lose Weight
If you've been eating healthy and getting yourself to the gym, but the weight isn't coming off, you might be wondering what else you could be doing.

Unfortunately, the science of weight loss is a lot more complicated than you think. Not only do you have to adjust your eating habits, but also your lifestyle.

What are 10 reasons why the weight isn't coming off?

According to an article on Yahoo! Health, here are 10 reasons:

  • Staying up
  • Forgetting to hydrate
  • Skipping check-ups
  • Eating by the label
  • Worrying about work
  • Being too sweet
  • Overeating healthy foods
  • Grazing
  • Skipping meals
  • Downing diet foods

Listen in as Isabel K. Smith, MS, RD, CDN, shares the 10 reasons why you're not losing weight.