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Should You Eat Breakfast?

Summary: How important is breakfast?
Air Date: 2/26/16
Duration: 10
Host: Leigh Vinocur, MD
Guest Bio: Enhad Chowdhury, PhD
Dr. Enhad ChowdhuryDr. Enhad Chowdhury undertook both his undergraduate degree in Sport, Health and Exercise Science (1st class) and PhD studies within the Department for Health at the University of Bath and took up his current role in September 2015. He is currently a research associate working on the National Prevention Research Initiative funded Mi-PACT (Multidimensional individualised Physical ACTivity) project. This large, long-term project is investigating the effects of technology-enabled physical activity profiling in adults at risk of future chronic disease.

He was previously involved in the BBSRC funded “Bath Breakfast Project” and completed his thesis entitled “Extended morning fasting, energy balance and human health” under the supervision of Dr. James Betts and Prof Dylan Thompson in 2015. Through undertaking his current work and previous research, he has expertise in the measurement of physical activity and energy balance. Dr Chowdhury has conducted laboratory based and free-living intervention studies investigating the interactions between components of energy balance. He has also investigated basic mechanisms of appetite regulation in a variety of populations.
Should You Eat Breakfast?
You've heard before that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Was that proclamation based on research?

There is new information available on the importance of breakfast:

  • Skipping breakfast and eating a big lunch doesn't seem to make people overshoot their recommended caloric intake for the day.
  • Breakfast does jump start your metabolism.
  • Skipping breakfast doesn't cause weight gain.
  • Different types of breakfasts do different things to the body. Sugary cereal doesn't work the same as a breakfast of protein and grains.
Listen in as Dr. Enhad Chowdhury discusses these breakfast revelations.