Living Longer with Better Foods

Summary: Have you heard the latest story about hot dogs? How eating one could shave 35 minutes from your lifespan?!
Air Date: 9/1/21
Duration: 30:24
Living Longer with Better Foods

Have you heard the latest story about hot dogs? How eating one could shave 35 minutes from your lifespan?! 

Well, it's all about shortening the length of your telomeres. And how many foods are shortening our lifespan without us even knowing?

Turns out, most people will not change their eating habits until they become seriously ill. Studies have consistently proven that about 90% of people do not eat a healthy diet; chronic illness has increased 700% in the past 60 years, and life expectancy has actually declined in the current generation and will continue to decline in future generations.

Stories of long-lived grandparents with poor eating habits are actually rare and not supported by scientific evidence. This display of American individuality and arrogance is
harmful and will be one of the things that finally helps to bankrupt this country. 

In this episode Dr. Bens and Aubrey dig into this study, easy swaps for problem foods, and the importance of balance in your diet. 

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