Is Alcohol Really A Health Drink?

Summary: Is there any amount of alcohol that is considered safe?
Air Date: 9/7/22
Duration: 10 Minutes

Is there any amount of alcohol that is considered safe? On today’s episode we will tackle this big question as well as hear Dr. Bens own personal health story and experience, and how changing his diet (and alcohol consumption) allowed him to treat his health condition naturally with zero medication.

We review a handful of studies that show how excessive alcohol intake is linked to digestive system issues, along with negative impacts on the body’s key organs. Alcohol consumption has been known to cause brain issues such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, and dementia.

When one mentions sugar, you may instinctively think of foods such as chocolate or fruit. Few people think of alcohol as containing a lot of sugar, however, that’s a big component of the beverage. Food is not the only thing you should be buying organic; wine also contains pesticides (glyphosates) that you should be aware of when opening-up your next bottle of wine.

We discuss how alcohol cravings, along with other vices (chocolate, cigarettes, etc. can be reduced by focusing on getting your body healthy. Getting healthy consists of eating a balanced diet, reducing stress in your life, doing daily exercise, and adding quality supplements to your daily routine.

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