Fever Education: What Every Parent Should Know

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Summary: Fevers can be scary for parents. Learning what causes fevers and how to treat them will ease your anxiety.
Air Date: 5/28/14
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Melissa Arca, MD
Arca30Dr. Melissa Arca is a board certified pediatrician, mom of two, blogger, and child advocate. She blogs at Confessions of a Dr. Mom where her two worlds of doctor and mom collide. She works with Kaiser Permanente in Roseville and believes in the power of social media in bridging the gap between health care providers and families as a way to connect and engage in order to optimize child health and parental education.

In addition to her blog, you can find her on Facebook ( and Twitter (@Melissa_DrMom)
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 Fever Education: What Every Parent Should Know
The flu, RSV, colds, Croup, strep throat, ear infections…they all have one thing in common: they can cause fevers.

And as any parent can attest, it’s often the fever itself that freaks you out more than anything and prompts many parents to call their child’s pediatrician or head straight to the emergency room.

A fever is usually caused by infections from viruses (such as a cold or the flu) or bacteria (such as strep throat or some ear infections). The fever itself is not the disease; only a sign that the body's defenses are trying to fight an infection.

A fever in a newborn should not be taken lightly, but it helps to know when to take action and when to let the fever run its course. When your baby is burning up, it can be hard to think straight and make important decisions.

But, learning what causes fevers and how to treat them will ease your anxiety and help you take control of the situation.

In this segment, Dr. Melissa Arca shares important and helpful information to guide you through your kids' fevers.
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