Head Injuries: When to Seek Care

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Summary: Head injuries can be very scary; but which symptoms are normal and which need medical care?
Air Date: 10/15/14
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Elizabeth Murray, MD
Murray Elizabeth DO 72webDr. Elizabeth Murray is a Physician specializing in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center.  She graduated from Skidmore College with a BA in Economics and then, prior to medical school, she earned an MBA at the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business Administration.  Upon completing her Residency training at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, she returned to her hometown of Rochester to complete her Fellowship at Strong Memorial Hospital.  She holds an appointment as Deputy Emergency Medical Services Medical Director for Monroe County and serves on the Regional EMS Council.  Starting in November, 2013, Dr. Murray will also see patients in the REACH Clinic at the Bivona Child Advocacy Center
Head Injuries: When to Seek Care
Almost all children bump their heads every now and then.

While these injuries can be upsetting, most head injuries are minor and do not cause serious problems.

In very rare cases, problems can occur after a minor bump on the head. It's important for parents to understand the difference between a head injury that needs only a comforting hug and one that requires immediate medical attention.

Some symptoms that might require attention are: 
  • A constant headache, particularly one that gets worse.
  • Slurred speech or confusion.
  • Dizziness that does not go away or happens repeatedly.
  • Extreme irritability or other abnormal behavior.
  • Vomiting more than two or three times.
  • Stumbling or difficulty walking.
Listen in as Elizabeth Murray discusses head injuries, including what you should look for and what should be done when your child bumps his or her head.

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