Encore Episode: Child Immigrant Health

From the Show: Healthy Children
Summary: Separating immigrant children from their parents is detrimental to child health.
Air Date: 7/31/18
Duration: 23:55
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Janine Young, MD
Dr. Janine YoungDr. Janine Young is a general pediatrician and Medical Director of one of the four refugee clinics in Colorado. She is on the board of the Colorado chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She was an undergraduate at Columbia University, received her medical training at Harvard Medical School, and pediatric residency training at the Boston Combined Program and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland.  

Her career focus is health care and access to care for new immigrants and refugees and has presented talks nationally and internationally regarding the development of standard of care medical screening guidelines for these populations.  She is the lead author of the pending Centers for Disease Control Medical Screening Guidelines for Pediatric Refugees, the AAP Clinical Report on management of female genital cutting in children, the American Academy of Pediatrics Immigrant and Refugee Toolkit screening guidelines and has consulted for the Office of Refugee Resettlement on medical screening of unaccompanied children.

Currently, she serves as the Medical Advisor for the State of Colorado Refugee Services Program.  Also, she is a grantee working with the Minnesota Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control to develop a Refugee Centers of Excellence.
Encore Episode: Child Immigrant Health
Children of immigrant parents have dominated the news. The images are heartbreaking. There are currently 2,300 children who have been separated from their parents for immigration issues.

Children who are ripped away from their parents experience toxic stress. The "fight-or-flight" response is prolonged in their little bodies. Negative long-term effects can appear later in life. Suicide, depression, and chronic disease are greatly influenced by toxic stress.

In the short-term, it’s simply child abuse. Children regress mentally and physically. This is unacceptable treatment of children.

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The promise of a better life in these United States holds appeal for refugees who flee horrible conditions. They seek basic needs and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Children are brought here in hopes of a better life.

Listen as Dr. Janine Young joins Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss the effects of this separation on children’s health.


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