Goddesses Never Age: The Secret to Ageless Living

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Summary: Growing older is inevitable, but aging is optional.
Air Date: 1/22/15
Duration: 10
Host: Michelle King Robson and Pamela Peeke, MD
Guest Bio: Christiane Northrup, MD
Christiane NorthrupChristiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women's health and wellness, which includes the unity of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Internationally known for her empowering approach to women's health and wellness, Dr. Northrup teaches women how to thrive at every stage of life.

A board-certified OB/GYN physician, Dr. Northrup graduated from Dartmouth Medical School and did her residency at Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston. She was also an assistant clinical professor of OB/GYN at Maine Medical Center for 20 years.

Dr. Northrup has spent her life as an advocate for women's health and wellness, first as a practicing OB/GYN physician for 25 years and now as an internationally respected writer and speaker. Her books have been translated into 24 languages.
  • Book Title: Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being
Goddesses Never Age: The Secret to Ageless Living
Growing older may seem like a huge hassle, but not everyone has the pleasure of doing so.

When putting your life in perspective, would you rather have a negative attitude (which can directly harm your health) or would you want to try to embrace the change and make the best out of each year you have been given?

As much as you may try, you can't fight the inevitable: every single day you grow a little older. You may dread getting older... not necessarily because of the number associated with your age, but what comes with reaching (and then surpassing) a certain age. You may fear the changes ahead within your sexual relationship with your partner, your social relationships with your friends, and your overall health.

As you grow older, everything within your body changes, including your weight, memory, teeth, digestive system, cardiovascular system, and other internal organs. However, you might be most concerned with your skin wrinkling, sagging and becoming discolored.

Over time, your skin becomes less elastic and thins out, which can cause age spots, dry skin, wrinkles and skin tags. Society is very obsessed with youth and is always looking to share the horrible and negative aspects of aging. But, just like physical aging, your emotional and mental health plays a huge role in the aging process as well.

Even though growing older is inevitable, aging is optional. It all comes down to your lifestyle habits. More often than not, the habits you keep have a direct impact on your health. For example: the amount of stress you carry throughout your workweek, the amount of time you're sitting, lack of exercise, and eating an unbalanced diet can all contribute to the aging process.

What are some ways you can live your life ageless?

Christiane Northrup, MD, shares the secret to ageless, healthy living.