Pushing Your Limits: Training for a Triathlon

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Summary: What can you expect while training for a triathlon?
Air Date: 8/20/15
Duration: 10
Host: Michelle King Robson and Pam Peeke, MD
Guest Bio: Tara Comer, USAT Certified Coach
Tara ComerTara Comer is a driving force for progressive social change in women's sports, health, and leadership at both the local and national levels.

Through her various leadership roles, she has developed key programs that empower women in triathlon.

She is USA Triathlon Certified Coach, Advanced Yoga Teacher, Chair of the USA Triathlon Women's Committee, and project lead and contributing author to The Women's Guide to Triathlon (Human Kinetics Publishing June 2015).

Tara has been an endurance athlete for 20 years and has competed in two IRONMAN® 70.3® events.
Pushing Your Limits: Training for a Triathlon
If you've just signed up for a triathlon, or are thinking you want to do one (high five!), the training you're about to experience might be both challenging and empowering.

You might also begin to notice how much you change physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Before you get started, though, it's important to sit down and put together a training schedule, and an overall goal you wish to set.

Throughout your training, you may notice on some days your motivation running thin. You shouldn't beat yourself up about it, but you also shouldn't let your mind rule your attitude.

Some days, even though you may want to push your limits when you're feeling tired or sore, it's crucial to listen if your body is telling you to slow down.

What else can you expect throughout training for your triathlon?

Tara Comer, USAT Certified Coach, shares how to prepare yourself for a triathlon and offers tips for effective training.