9 Things You May Not Know About Your Nipples

Guest : Michelle King Robson & Pam Peeke, MD
From the Show: HER
Summary: Is it normal for your nipples to be different colors?
Air Date: 9/3/15
Duration: 10
Host: Michelle King Robson and Pam Peeke, MD
9 Things You May Not Know About Your Nipples
You know your nipples make up part of your breast, but do you really know what they're for?

According to an online article on Cosmopolitan, here are nine things you may not know (but should) about your nipples:
  • You have one of four different types of nipples
  • Extra nipples are more common than you think
  • They aren't the most erogenous zone of your breasts
  • Yes, they can be hairy
  • Your nipples could change, and it can be a sign of breast cancer
  • Your nipples might not look alike
  • Bumps around your areola is normal
  • Your nipples can change colors
  • Your nipples can have organisms

Listen in as Dr. Pam Peeke and Michelle King Robson discuss the nine things you should know about your nipples.