Walk, Hike or Run: Orthotics Specific to Women

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Summary: Why is there a lot of misguided information in terms of women's orthotics?
Air Date: 10/22/15
Duration: 10
Host: Michelle King Robson and Pam Peeke, MD
Guest Bio: Robert Weil, DPM
Robert Weil Dr. Robert Weil, D.P.M., specializes in podiatric medicine, orthotics and sports medicine. He's written a column for the Naperville Sun and Aurora Beacon since 2007 as "The Sports Doctor." His goal is to provide sports medicine information to athletes, their families, coaches and all readers.

Additionally, he hosts a weekly radio show, The Sports Doctor on Healthy Life.net. He address current topics in medicine and sports and often include guest speakers who bring a wealth of knowledge from their various professional backgrounds.
Walk, Hike or Run: Orthotics Specific to Women
Unfortunately, there's a lot of confusing advice out there about orthotics.

For example, you may think because you walk on the inside of your foot, it can be fixed if an orthotic is inserted in your shoe.

You might also have many specialists telling you contradictory advice, while giving you different orthotics for almost any problem you have.

Even though orthotics can help treat severe pain in your feet, knees, legs and back, it may not be the solution to your pain.

How do you know what orthotic to choose?

Robert Weil, DPM, breaks down the confusion behind orthotics for women, and what you need to know when choosing one.