Women’s Perfectionism: Is a Quest for Perfection Keeping You from Your Goals?

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Summary: Are you putting something off because you're afraid it won't be perfect?
Air Date: 2/25/16
Duration: 10
Host: Michelle King Robson and Pam Peeke, MD
Guest Bio: Tim Pychyl, PhD
Tim PychylDr. Tim Pychyl is the Director of the Centre for Initiatives in Education and Associate Professor of Psychology at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Tim and his students have been researching procrastination for the past 20 years (procrastination.ca).

He is the author of Solving the Procrastination Puzzle: A Concise Guide to Strategies for Change (Tarcher/Penguin, 2013) and co-editor of Procrastination, Health and Well-Being (Elsevier, in press). A professor passionate about teaching, Tim is the recipient of numerous teaching awards and he is a 3M National Teaching Fellow.
Women’s Perfectionism: Is a Quest for Perfection Keeping You from Your Goals?
Everyone wants to knock it out of the ballpark with the first try. There's nothing wrong with aiming for the bleachers.

But, sometimes knowing you won't get it right the first time is enough to halt your progress. Self doubt, concern about mistakes, comparing oneself to others, impossibly high standards, and self criticism get in your way. You want it to be perfect right now.

There are three kinds of perfectionists:
  1. Self-oriented. Strict standards, strong motivation, stringent self-evaluation.
  2. Other-oriented. Strict and unrealistic standards set for others, stringent evaluation of others' performances.
  3. Socially-prescribed. Feelings they won't live up to others' expectations, external pressure for perfection, belief others view them critically.
Are you a perfectionist? What can you do so you can reach your goals?

Listen in as Tim Pychyl, PhD, shares how to deal with perfectionism and procrastination.