Striving for Perfection: Career vs. Romance

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Summary: That boardroom boss isn't always welcome at home. How can you succeed in both your career and your romantic relationship?
Air Date: 6/1/17
Duration: 25:28
Host: Michelle King Robson and Pam Peeke, MD
Guest Bio: Sharon Pope, Author
Sharon PopeSharon Pope is a certified Master Life Coach and a six-time #1 international bestselling author, specializing in love and relationships.

She has been published in more than a dozen online publications and most recently, featured in the New York Times’ column, "Modern Love."

Sharon was in corporate marketing for nearly 20 years before becoming a life coach. She received her undergraduate education from Ohio University and an MBA from Ashland University.

She lives in downtown Columbus, Ohio, with the love of her life: her husband, Derrick.
  • Book Title: Why Isn't This Marriage Enough
  • Guest Facebook Account: www.facebook.com/SharonPopeTruthCoach
  • Guest Twitter Account: @sharonpopetruth
Striving for Perfection: Career vs. Romance
When you’re in corporate America as a successful executive woman, the controlling, ladder-climbing energy doesn’t necessarily stop when you head home at night.

How does this affect intimacy? Might it become difficult for your mate to enjoy time spent in your home life?

It may be refreshing for your mate to set boundaries. Your work-life attitude may not be a good fit for the home.

How to Be an Executive in Your Relationship

First, check in with the energy you’re bringing to your lover. How is that energy serving you? Is it helping you in the way you want? You should be able to be soft and vulnerable in your relationship.

Second, find out what your partner needs in the relationship. Don’t blow those things off. No need to build up resentment.

Finally, you have to communicate. Prevent worry and confusion by talking to each other.

Listen as life coach Sharon Pope joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to advise on how you can have as much success in a relationship as you do in the executive office.


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