Women Rocking Business

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Summary: Do you have a passion you want to turn into a business?
Air Date: 7/27/17
Duration: 26:40
Host: Michelle King Robson and Pam Peeke, MD
Guest Bio: Sage Lavine, CEO of Women Rocking Business
Sage LavineSage Lavine is the CEO of WOMEN ROCKING BUSINESS, reaching nearly 100,000 conscious women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Sage teaches women entrepreneurs to fill their practice and create sustainable wealth through creating a business they love. She has shared the stage with Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Canfield, Janet Attwood, Marcia Wieder, and many more.

Sage believes in purposeful entrepreneurship as a way to create world change: Women Rocking Business has raised over half a million dollars for women around the globe, women in the rain forest and in Indonesia, supporting them to build businesses that serve their communities and protect our ecosystems.

She inspires her students to love themselves and each other so much that we can’t help but all succeed... together.
  • Book Title: Women Rocking Business
  • Guest Facebook Account: www.facebook.com/SageLavine
  • Guest Twitter Account: @SageLavine
Women Rocking Business
Women are launching businesses 1.5 times faster than men. You can dictate your future.

Maybe you want to start or boost your own business... how should you begin?

Heal Your Financial Pain

Money is necessary for survival. Look at the places you’ve been hurt by money. What lessons can you take away from those painful experiences? You can land on your feet. Don’t let money make you feel beaten down.

Encourage Greatness

It can be tempting to be catty to other women who are trying to succeed. Lean into the nurturing side of femininity and encourage greatness. Connection equals currency. Make friends and start collaborating sooner rather than later.

Invoking Fearlessness

Confront your fears. Look at them for what they are. Come up with several plans that can get you past those fears.

Listen as entrepreneur Sage Lavine joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to share some tips for starting your own business.


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