Men Interrupting Women in the Workplace

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Summary: It's time to make some workplace changes so you can be heard and advance in your career.
Air Date: 7/31/17
Duration: 23:09
Host: Michelle King Robson and Pam Peeke, MD
Guest Bio: Julie Nugent, Vice President & Center Leader, Catalyst Research Center for Corporate Practice
Julie NugentJulie S. Nugent examines organizational diversity efforts, change models, career experiences and perceptions of women and men professionals across various levels and industries. As Vice President and Center Leader of the Catalyst Research Center for Corporate Practice, Julie distinguishes sound talent management strategies from programmatic fads and documents the best practices. In her position, she leads multiple groups in evaluating global corporate and professional strategies to advance diversity, inclusion, and business results. Julie frequently speaks to corporate and public audiences and the media on topics including women’s leadership and advancement, sponsorship, mentoring, diversity and inclusion strategies, LGBT inclusion, and the Catalyst Award, which she chaired for over six years. She has authored numerous external book chapters as well as many Catalyst publications.
Men Interrupting Women in the Workplace
Ladies, do you ever get interrupted by a man in the workplace?

Men are stereotyped to take charge. Women are stereotyped to take care. This puts women at a disadvantage in many boardrooms. 

Women leaders are judged as too hard or too soft; never just right. They’re viewed as competent or they are liked. Micro-aggression in the workplace can create a culture of exclusion for women.

Women are often judged by their experience while men are judged by their potential. This doesn’t foster a healthy workplace.

If you’re experiencing sexism in the workplace, you have to speak up. Speak louder if no one is listening. Sometimes calling attention to it can quash unintended behavior from others. Most guys don’t mean to be jerks.

Networking is letting people know what you know in social gatherings. Being an outsider of the “boys’ club” can prevent networking. Men may not realize these activities are exclusionary and can be damaging. Speak up.

Listen as Julie Nugent joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to share how to make changes in the workplace so you can be heard and climb the corporate ladder.


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