Here’s Why You’re Having Trouble Ploughing Through That To-Do List

From the Show: HER
Summary: The truth about her mind, her body, her life, and why she's not getting anything done in her life.
Air Date: 5/18/23
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: Fuschia Sirois
I am social/health/personality psychologist interested in the factors that create risk or
resilience for health and well-being. I have a particular interest in the how self-regulation (how
we manage and direct our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours to reach our goals) can impact
health and well-being and the factors and qualities that contour people's capacities to self-

I joined Durham University as a Professor in Social and Health Psychology in May 2022, and
was previously a Professor at the University of Sheffield. Prior to arriving in the UK in 2015, I
was a Canada Research Chair and the Co-ordinator of the multidisciplinary Psychological
Health and Well-being Research cluster at Bishop's University (2010-2015).

I am passionate about communicating the results of psychological science with the public so
that research is accessible and impactful beyond academia. To this end, I regularly engage with
the public, media, and journalists about research on health and well-being.
Here’s Why You’re Having Trouble Ploughing Through That To-Do List
In her new book Procrastination: Procrastination: What It Is, Why It's a Problem, and What You Can Do About It, Fuschia Sirois explains why people procrastinate and provides practical, evidence-based strategies to help you stop delaying, complete your tasks, and fulfill your potential.