EP 35 - The State of Sugar & How to Defeat It

Summary: Find out about the state of sugar and how to defeat it.
Air Date: 4/11/18
Duration: 29:12
Host: Dr. Ward Bond
Guest Bio: Arianne Perry, Athlete & Entrepreneur
Arianne PerryA former elite athlete and Olympics trial qualifier, Arianne Perry has put health and fitness front and center for most of her life. Seeking to improve her athletic performance as a top collegiate and marathon runner, Arianne studied and sampled a wide array of nutrition programs, as well as exercise routines, becoming a go-to resource for her friends and family when it came to their own health. This exploration led her to conclude that a low-sugar lifestyle was the most effective way to manage her energy levels and perform athletically. 

Despite feeling her best, Arianne found it difficult to curb her sweet tooth. As an entrepreneur of heart, Arianne sought to target a problem she, and so many others, area plagued with - sugar cravings. She built upon her existing knowledge and started her journey as a cravings coach, and towards the launch of Sweet Defeat. 

In an effort to make it easier for others to live a low-sugar lifestyle, Arianne and business partner Robert Goldstein dug even deeper into the scientific research around sugar and cravings, and created Sweet Defeat in 2017. With Rob, Arianne brought Sweet Defeat from concept to market, working on all facets of the brand - from product design to securing patents and trademarks. Comprised of five high quality plant-based ingredients, Sweet Defeat is an effective, safe, convenient remedy that helps break sugar cycles so people can make better, healthier food choices. With the launch of Sweet Defeat, she’s turned her passion for wellness into a business that empowers others to be their best selves and lead healthier lives. 

Arianne is also an Olympic trials qualifier and finished as the 33rd female in the 2008 NYC Marathon, running sub-three hours. That’s an incredible accomplishment. She is also a Certified Health Coach and a Mentor for Minds Matter.
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EP 35 - The State of Sugar & How to Defeat It
If you have a sweet tooth, know that you are not alone.

One bite of your favorite treat leads to a second bite, followed by a third.

Founder of Sweet Defeat Arianne Perry points out the importance of recognizing the difference between hunger and cravings. It’s fine to enjoy the sugars in fruit and dairy. The trick is that the modern diet is packed with unnecessary sugar.

Treat sugar as more of a reward. Don’t add sweets to every meal. A high sugar diet is detrimental to your health.

Arianne advocates for gymnema, an herb that helps in that sugar craving moment. She created Sweet Defeat, a mint containing gymnema that curbs that craving.

Correcting your diet will help with cravings as well.

Listen as Arianne joins Dr. Bond to share the truth about sugar and to advise on limiting your sugar intake.