EP 36 - Glow15: Science-Based Plan to Lose Weight & Invigorate Life

Air Date: 4/18/18
Duration: 27:34
Host: Dr. Ward Bond
Guest Bio: Naomi Whittel, Author & CEO of Twinlab Consolodated Holdings
Naomi WhittelNaomi Whittel has made it her mission to better the lives of women by empowering them to take control of their health. As the current CEO of Twinlab Consolidated Holdings, she has successfully launched hundreds of best-in-class nutritional supplements made with scientifically-proven and patented ingredients for longevity, weight management and beauty.

A leader and innovator in the health and wellness industry, Whittel has two decades of experience in developing and managing sustainable companies. Social stewardship is a pillar of her brand, from forging fair trade partnerships with indigenous cultures to sponsoring future women entrepreneurs through DAWN (Developing and Advancing Women in Naturals), a national non-profit initiative she founded in 2011.

Named by Prevention as the nation’s leading female innovator in the natural products industry, Whittel is hailed as a trailblazer and an advocate of purity and potency in nutritional wellness. Her story has been lauded by The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, ABC News, PBS, InStyle, The View, The Doctors, Dr. Oz, SHAPE, Access Hollywood, Natural Solutions, Good Morning America, Today Show, and more.

In addition, Whittel has partnered with the world’s largest health and nutrition retailers and appears regularly on QVC, where she shares products with 38 countries. One of the few female CEOs in the natural products industry, Whittel is also a sought-after public speaker.

Born in Switzerland, Whittel lives in Boca Raton, Florida, with her husband and their four children. The entire family is anxiously awaiting the spring 2018 launch of Naomi’s first book, Glow15.

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EP 36 - Glow15: Science-Based Plan to Lose Weight & Invigorate Life
Naomi Whittel heard of autophagy a few years ago. Since then, it’s become the focus of her book.

Autophagy means “self eating” in Greek. Your cells have a process that eat away cellular debris, recycle what’s unnecessary, and replace old cells with healthy cells. The foods you eat dictate your autophagy.

One of the key principles of Glow 15 is having healthy fats first and carbs last. Choose carbohydrates with high fiber content. Consume fats in the earlier part of your day. Use those carbs wisely to give you a boost of energy later in the day.

Naomi has personal experience with an autoimmune disorder that affected her skin. She learned that good fats improved her eczema. Healthy fats also help with weight loss.

Deprivation is not the answer to autophagy and overall health.

Listen as Naomi joins Dr. Bond to share how her life has been affected by the tenets of Glow 15.