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Foods That Have Healing Powers

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: If you're feeling tired, bloated or fighting a cold, eating the right foods can help you feel better and get back to normal.
Air Date: 1/7/15
Duration: 10
Host: Holly Lucille, ND, RN
Guest Bio: Dale Bellisfield, RN, RH
dale Dale Bellisfield, RN, RH (AHG), is a Medical Herbalist and Registered Nurse, trained in many traditions of healing. She is one of the few professional members of the American Herbalists Guild, the only peer-reviewed credentialing organization for medical herbalists in the country.

She is also trained in integrative oncology, where she learned a targeted approach to cancer, working with both standard and natural therapies.

Currently, she is the Integrative Medicine RN at Barnabas Health's Siegler Center for Integrative Medicine in Livingston, where she has been in private practice for the past 14 years. Additionally, she is the Integrative Medicine Specialist for the Montclair Breast Center, a pioneering multidisciplinary breast surgical center which specializes in patient-centered proactive breast healthcare, risk-reduction, and the early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Dale works with a variety of patients and conditions in her clinical practice, and enjoys being the advocate for holistic approaches. She teaches and lectures often on the use of herbs, supplements, therapeutic foods and lifestyle choices to both health care practitioners and the general public throughout the New York-New Jersey area.

As part of her integrative work, Dale also provides Peggy Huddleston's Prepare for Surgery guided imagery program, and Reiki therapy for anxiety, pain relief and immune support. Her work is specific to each person's situation and goals.

In addition, she contributed medicinal benefits of the recipe ingredients to Rozanne Gold's Healthy 1-2-3 cookbook, which won the coveted Julia Child Award, and was nominated for the James Beard Award.

Dale is writing her own cookbook for enhancing breast health. Her food-as-medicine approach forms the foundation for all her work.
Foods That Have Healing Powers
In today's world, life is pretty much done on the go, and sometimes on the fly. This can lead you to feel chronically exhausted and sick. There's always something that needs to be done and you may feel like there's no time to do it.

However, when your body starts acting sluggish, sore, or fighting a cold, it's trying to tell you it is under stress. The foods you're eating could be contributing to a prolonged problem of feeling unhealthy, and ultimately, not your best self.

When you're feeling sluggish:
  • Power up with protein.
  • Eat healthy fats.
  • Always eat your veggies.
When you're feeling a flu or cold coming on:
  • Incorporate herbs like thyme, turmeric, ginger, and rosemary.
  • Try fermented foods like miso, sauerkraut, kimchi, and yogurt.
  • Reduce your sugar intake.
When you're feeling bloated:
  • Eat as many detoxifying foods as you can.
  • Eat foods low on the glycemic index, like sweet potatoes, eggs, fish, whole grains.
  • Try some bitter foods like kale, lemon, and green apples.
  • Incorporate green or white tea into your daily morning routine.
How else can you protect yourself from getting sick this winter, simply by the aid of food?

Holistic practitioner, Dale Bellisfield, RN, RH (AHG), joins Dr. Holly to discuss the amazing healing benefits food has on your body.