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Master Plan for Long-Term Wellness

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: Work on endurance for your long-term health to manage chronic pain.
Air Date: 8/8/17
Duration: 27:04
Host: Holly Lucille, RN, ND
Guest Bio: Traci Stein, PhD
Dr. Traci SteinDr. Traci Stein is a health psychologist in private practice, award-winning author, and the creator of a series of popular guided imagery, self-hypnosis, and meditation audio programs.

For over two decades, Dr. Stein has explored the interrelationship among mind, body and spirit in health and well being. Prior to pursuing her PhD (Teachers College, Columbia University), Dr. Stein earned a masters degree in public health from New York University and engaged in research, education, and administration in New York City hospitals. Relatedly, she is the former Director of Integrative Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, developed a course on Integrated Healthcare at Columbia University's Teachers College and is a visiting scholar at Columbia’s Spirituality and Mind-Body Institute.

Dr. Stein’s interests and experience are diverse. She is certified in clinical hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, is fellowship trained in pain psychology, is a casual photographer, and has formerly trained in intuitive development on and off for nearly 20 years. She enjoys helping people recognize, access, and further develop their healthiest selves via health education, psychotherapy, hypnosis, imagery, and meditation. Her work has been mentioned in O – The Oprah MagazineHealthShapeWoman’s Day, and more.
  • Book Title: The Everything Guide to Integrative Pain Management
  • Guest Facebook Account: www.facebook.com/DrTStein
  • Guest Twitter Account: @DrTraciStein
Master Plan for Long-Term Wellness
One in three Americans currently suffer from chronic pain. It can be daunting to find the best way to successfully manage one’s pain.

A chronic pain diagnosis brings shock, bewilderment and grief. The loss of life before the chronic pain isn’t always acknowledged in the medical community. It is tough to come to terms with the loss of function caused by the pain.

Conventional medical practitioners receive specialized training in their areas of expertise. They don’t always know as much about alternative treatments or therapies outside of their fields of expertise.

Guided imagery and hypnosis have proven successful in helping pain management. Lowering stress, reducing the need for pain medication before or after surgery, and reducing chemotherapy-induced nausea are all benefits individuals have experienced from these alternative therapies.

Listen as Dr. Traci Stein joins Dr. Holly Lucille to share alternative therapies for addressing chronic pain.