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Tools for Non-Violent & Compassionate Communication in the Workplace

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: No one likes yelling in the workplace! How can you resolve conflicts and get the job done without raised voices?
Air Date: 12/19/17
Duration: 28:38
Host: Holly Lucille, RN, ND
Guest Bio: Darshana Patel, Spiritual Activist, Channeled Healer & Medium
Darshana PatelDarshana Patel is a Spiritual Activist, Channeled Healer, and host of the show enLight’n Up on The Lighter Side Network.

By accessing information in subtle energy and language, Darshanainspires expanded levels of consciousness, compassion, and connection.

She possesses a Master’s degree in Conflict and advanced certifications in organizational change and personal transformation.
Tools for Non-Violent & Compassionate Communication in the Workplace
We are all interdependent on one another. We have to treat each other like people in the workplace. Tasks are important, but people must work together to get the work done.

We want a happy workplace. People want acknowledgment for good work, purpose, a sense of belonging, appreciation, compassion and trust. Innovation and creativity flourish in this environment. Fear doesn’t help growth.

Aspects of Non-Violent Communication

  • What are you observing versus what are you evaluating? What exactly is happening is the observation. Imposed beliefs and assumptions are the evaluation. Own your applied evaluation. Your prejudices and ways of thinking may add unnecessary meaning to a situation. Maybe your co-worker didn’t say hello because he didn’t hear you, not because he is angry with you.
  • Recognize “us versus them” or “me versus you” in the workplace. All departments have their own agendas and handoffs aren’t always seamless. Interconnectedness is important. There’s an opportunity to improve morale and ease of communication.
  • Listen for the commitment behind the complaint. What are we committed to? Those commitments are common, shared needs. Problem solving can take place when we pay attention to the business goals we share.
We have shared needs with our co-workers, bosses and employees. Get to know the people in your workplace. We are all human.

Listen as Darshana Patel joins Dr. Holly Lucille to share how to smooth things out and improve communications in the workplace.