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Living with Chronic Pain

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: Sarah Anne Shockley discusses her unique approach to reframing and treating chronic pain.
Air Date: 2/26/19
Duration: 27:50
Host: Holly Lucille, RN, ND
Guest Bio: Sarah Anne Shockley, Author
ShockleyHeadCROPSarah Anne Shockley suffered a work related injury in the fall of 2007 resulting in severe nerve pain and debilitation. Since available treatments and medications were unable to help, she developed a unique approach to healing that works with awareness, active imagination, and shifting our relationship to pain itself. Sarah writes The Pain Companion Blog, has been a columnist for Pain News Network, and is a regular contributor to The Mighty, a 1.5 million–member online community for those living with chronic illness and pain.

She is the author of The Pain Companion: Everyday Wisdom for Living With and Moving Beyond Chronic Pain from New World Library, foreword by Dr. Bernie Siegel.
Living with Chronic Pain
So often, people living with chronic pain are given two options: treat the pain with pharmaceuticals or put up with the pain. 

In 2007, Sarah Anne Shockley suffered a work-related injury that resulted in chronic pain. Trying various therapies and treatments, nothing quieted the pain or allowed her to return to her normal life.

Frustrated by what was happening in her body, Sarah looked inside for a solution. The unique approach to healing that she devised works with awareness, active imagination, and shifting our relationship to pain itself.

Listen as Sarah Anne Shockley joins Dr. Holly Lucille to discuss how to reframe the idea of chronic pain and find peace.