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Using Mindfulness to Battle Lyme Disease

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: Learn how to use mindful practices to overcome some of the symptoms associated with Lyme disease.
Air Date: 5/21/19
Duration: 20:49
Host: Holly Lucille, RN, ND
Guest Bio: Shona Curley
Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.24.04 AMShona Curley lives in San Francisco with her family and their odd duck of a cat. She co-owns Hasti Pilates, a Pilates and bodywork studio focusing on rehabilitation. Shona works with injury, pain and Lyme disease, both privately and through her website www.redkitemeditations.com.
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Using Mindfulness to Battle Lyme Disease
The time between when symptoms emerge and when a diagnosis of Lyme disease is pronounced can be anywhere from two to 20 years. The disease is incredibly difficult to recognize, and there are very few practitioners that specialize in Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment. 

Meditation specialist and Lyme disease sufferer Shona Curley learned firsthand that the path to diagnosis can be long and the symptoms of Lyme disease—like GI issues and panic attacks—can be difficult to live with. However, she shares how changing her diet and bringing meditation and brain training into her life helped relieve these symptoms. 

Shona shares visualization and meditation techniques she uses to help her body function harmoniously while battling this complex disease. 

Listen as Shona joins Dr. Holly Lucille to discuss how meditation can be incorporated into your treatment of Lyme disease.