5 Simple Ways to Grow Younger

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: If there were five simple things you could do to keep your youth, wouldn't you at least try them?
Air Date: 3/5/14
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Donna Morin, certified health coach
In her previous lives, Donna Morin worked in marketing and as an elementary school teacher. Now, as an AADP-certified health coach and founder of Better Off Well, Donna gets people across New England charged up about the changes in our food system and how those changes are impacting our health. Her writing can be found in parenting magazines and she writes her own monthly wellness column.
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5 Simple Ways to Grow Younger
Donna Morin was no stranger to health issues, from asthma and allergies to severe back pain and cervical cancer. She had struggled so long, she simply assumed these issues would be with her forever.

Little did she know, most of her conditions were reversible.

Today she feels the best she's ever felt in her whole life.

How did she do it? By following five simple principles... things that you can do too.

1. Read a label. Don't assume that if something is being sold legally that it is safe. There are so many chemicals in today's food products. Check out all the ingredients -- do you recognize them? If not, put the product back, or at least do your research so you know what exactly you're putting into your body. For the most part, try to eat a whole foods plant-based diet with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients.

2. Cut out the "white stuff." Donna loved breads, treats, cakes, cupcakes and cookies. But all that sugar is wreaking havoc on your body. It's estimated that the average American consumes 140 lbs of sugar per year! That's equivalent to a average-sized woman. Sugar is linked to inflammation. Your body cannot produce enough insulin with that amount of sugar, so it's stored elsewhere. And don't be fooled... just because it seems "healthy" (i.e. yogurt), it doesn't mean it won't contain massive amounts of sugar. Try baking with more natural elements such as bananas and dates.

3. Ditch the fragrance. Many products that contain fragrances (beauty products, cleaning products, etc.) contain chemicals that can mimic estrogen, which can disrupt efforts of weight loss, sleep patterns and even lead to cancer. Many products are fragrance-free and now use plant oils to create that fragrant scent.

4. Build a tribe. Do not try to go it alone when leading a healthy lifestyle. Find people who are like-minded, whether in person or through social media outlets and other healthy websites. Subscribe to a health magazine for support, tips and tricks.

5. Grow! As a person, that is. Practice gratitude, face your  fears and educate yourself. Change has to be in mouths and minds.