Oregon Inches One Step Closer to Labeling GMOs

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Oregon is one step closer to labeling GMOs and Brazil recently banned the marketing of junk food to kids.
Air Date: 7/9/14
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Leah Segedie
Leah Segedie is an influencer, mom blogger and the leader of Mamavation, which is a large online health community for moms. Mamavation community members have lost over 2,500 lbs. and have had over 250,000 mentions on twitter. Leah Segedie also owns a blogging network called Bookieboo with over 7,000 bloggers interested in health and lifestyle topics.
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Oregon Inches One Step Closer to Labeling GMOs
In this segment, mom blogger and leader of Mamavation, Leah Segedie, is back on Naturally Savvy to share more about what's going on in the food industry, as well as other hot topics in the world of healthy living.

Oregon GMO Labeling Bill Qualifies for the Ballot

More and more states are recognizing the importance of GMO labeling, and Oregon has just moved one step closer to making that happen.

Advocates submitted a petition containing more than 155,000 signatures, which was almost double the 87,113 signatures they needed.

Vermont has already passed labeling laws, much to the disappointment of companies like Monsanto.

The question just remains whether or not the initiative will pass in November, and what that will mean for the rest of the country going forward.

Brazil Outlaws Junk Food Marketing to Kids

Psychologists and scientists alike are truly coming to the conclusion that the marketing of junk food to kids is harmful to their health. These experts recognize that children aren't simply "small adults," and that they can't really determine what's good or bad for them in regards to healthy eating until they reach their teenage years.

Brazil has banned the marketing of junk food to kids and deemed it unethical. Quebec, Canada, also does not allow junk food marketing to children, and their obesity rates in kids are less than the rest of Canada.

It's important to note that "marketing" goes far beyond just they typical venues of marketing. You can't just turn off the TV or radio or monitor the Internet and expect that to make a difference. These marketing tactics are everywhere.

Joe Camel was banned for the good of children, why shouldn't the same happen to Ronald McDonald?

Over 5,000 Schools Soon to Be Endangered by 2,4-D

The Environmental Working Group is always on the side of the consumer. Recently, they found that over 5,000 schools are soon going to be in danger due to their location next to farm land being sprayed by a new herbicide containing both 2,4-D and glycosphate. The EPA is planning on approving the herbicide, despite the fact that 2,4-D has been linked to cancer and other reproductive and immune system problems.

Specifically, 269 schools in Iowa are in the most danger because they are in such close proximity to farm land.

Tune in to learn more about all of these issues, as well as how you can actively participate to make a difference in your community and state.