Defying Time with Age Management

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: So many people these days are focused on "anti-aging." What if, instead, you put your efforts towards age management?
Air Date: 9/3/14
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Mickey Barber, MD
Dr. Mickey Barber is a highly sought-after speaker and contributor to various media outlets with expertise on a variety of age management and healthy living topics. Dr. Barber offers an integrative approach to age management medicine while providing the patient with assessment of hormonal balance and overall health and disease risk. Her philosophy for successful aging includes maintaining energy, health and sexual vigor through shared responsibility of the patient-doctor team.

Dr. Barber teaches her patients about hormonal balance as well as the importance of healthy eating and exercise. She feels strongly that she should “practice what she preaches” and focuses on balance in her own life. She placed second in a masters figure competition after beginning an age management program and is a living example of the benefits of the program. Her mantra is "Age 59 is the new 39." Dr. Barber resides with her family on the Isle of Palms just outside historic Charleston, South Carolina. Follow Dr. Barber on Twitter at @AgingHealthy and learn more at www.CenegenicsCarolinas.com.
Defying Time with Age Management
So many people these days are focused on "anti-aging."

But the base of that word in itself connotes a negative thought.

What if, instead, you focused on age management?

You don't have to fall victim to age taking control over you and your body; rather, you can take proactive measures to manage the aging process and age in a healthy, energetic, empowered way.

What are some of those measures?

Dr. Mickey Barber joins Lisa to share Cenegenics Carolinas' approach to aging.

Dr. Barber says you should look at managing the aging process like a jigsaw puzzle with four main concepts, made up of lots of little pieces.

  • Nutrition and nutritional supplements
  • Exercise/physical activity
  • Lifestyle (getting a good night's sleep; wearing your seat belt, etc.)
  • Balancing and/or optimizing hormones

In Dr. Barber's practice, when she first meets with a patient, she looks at the overall picture: what have you been doing right; what can you do better; your medical and family history; and what things concern you.

Then, she and her team digs in deeper. They perform approximately 90 blood tests, looking at all your different hormones (thyroid, stress, estrogen/progesterone/testosterone, insulin); early disease risk markers in blood and urine; fitness level; body composition, including bone density, body fat, and lean muscle mass; cognitive function; and vascular health.

Once all this information is gathered, a comprehensive plan of attack can be formed.

It's important, however, that the patient understands his or her role.

If all those pieces fall into place, significant results can be seen in as little as a week.

Listen in as Dr. Barber shares with Lisa more about the approach of Cenegenics Carolinas and how you can focus on getting better, not just getting older.