Fat Funeral Detox: Last Rites for Your Unwanted Pounds

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: What if you could give your fat "last rites," and be rid of it once and for all?
Air Date: 10/15/14
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Dr. Ginger
Dr. Ginger is founder and C.E.O. of Dr.Ginger, LLC., a wellness consulting company.  Dr. Ginger, an authority on workplace wellness, is bucking the old system of "disease management" and is blazing a new trail with her "disease reversal" approach. She is known for her "30-Day Change Your Life Detox Challenges" and her book, The Healing Powers of Green Juice.
  • Book Title: The Healing Powers of Green Juice
  • Guest Twitter Account: @TheDrGinger
Fat Funeral Detox: Last Rites for Your Unwanted Pounds
What if you could give your fat "last rites," and be rid of it once and for all?

Fan favorite of Naturally Savvy, Dr. Ginger, has developed a program called Fat Funeral Detox that will help you do just that. She joins Andrea to share why she started the program, and how it works.

Why did Dr. Ginger want to build this program?

For one, she wanted to make something more user-friendly and accessible for people. After all, she is just one person; she can't be everywhere at once. This program is a way to reach people all over the world.

What's involved in Fat Funeral Detox?

There is a massive educational component to the program, where Dr. Ginger teaches many of the things she's learned about nutritional and wellness over the past 20 years. Not just in relation to food choices, either. Dr. Ginger also incorporates information on things like juicers and dehydrating appliances, as well as some of her favorite supplements.

Who can benefit from the program?

It's a great fit for all types of people, from moms who just want 10-20 pounds gone for good to truly athletic people looking to "get ripped."

The information really applies to everyone... every body shape, every body circumstance, can find results.

What's so unique about the program?

Aside from it being able to be tailored to so many different types of individuals, it's also simple and fun, and you can progress at a pace that you're comfortable with.

It's also been very successful in clinical trials.

What is the one thing that Dr. Ginger would like you to know about Fat Funeral Detox?

Education is so important. As people learn, they want to do more. You can't push something on people when they don't understand why their behavior is bad for them. Knowledge is power.

Tune in to learn more about Dr. Ginger's new program and how it might be an answer for you.