How Fear-Based Thinking Affects Your Health

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Your thoughts and what you say out loud can actually create your reality.
Air Date: 1/21/15
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Shaman Isabella Stoloff
Shaman Isabella Stoloff is a dynamic leader. She founded the Orange County Healing Center in 2009 and since that time has committed herself to leaving the world a better place. Isabella has been called the Golden Condor and World Ambassador. She has traveled to connect people to their inner wisdom and provide ceremonies for the land. She has a full time practice, writes articles, a YouTube channel, and does guest spots to carry the message of enlightenment. Isabella is a mother and grandmother and understands what is needed today to raise a conscious family. Shaman Isabella feels honored to be on the planet during this time of great awakening. She feels once you empower yourself through positive thought and action you will feel connected and centered. Isabella’s message is to awaken to the light that you are, so you can become the Shaman in your own life.
How Fear-Based Thinking Affects Your Health
Your thoughts and what you say out loud can actually create your reality.

When people say, "I'm sick," or go into the doctor expecting a diagnosis -- and then receive that diagnosis -- the resulting investment in those thoughts and feelings can exacerbate the problem.

But, what if you took your sickness or diagnosis and flipped your attitude. Instead of accepting it, and taking medications to "fix" it, try taking a more positive approach and making proactive choices... like doing a cleanse, or eliminating certain unhealthy foods and/or ingredients from your diet.

What if you're not physically sick, but you're just in a "funk"?

Energy medicine works to clear the negative energy from your body, including devastating or hurtful things from the past, and feelings like depression and anxiety.

You can also practice self-awareness; constantly being conscious of what you're thinking and feeling. Realize when you're experiencing negative self-talk, and turn it around.

As special guest, Shaman Isabella Stoloff, says, "Turn guilt into gratitude, judgement into acceptance, and fear into love."

What are some other ways you can eliminate the negative, fear-based thinking in your life?

Tune in as Stoloff joins Andrea and Lisa to share what fear-based thinking involves, how it affects both your physical and mental health, and ways you can turn off that thinking to create a healthier, happier self.