Carol Alt: Age Doesn't Define Health, Nutrition Does

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: "The older I got, the better I got, simply because of the food I was eating." -Carol Alt
Air Date: 4/29/15
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Carol Alt
Carol-AltCarol Alt is the ultimate pioneer and chameleon; constantly on the lookout for new ideas and new frontiers. Since her days as the world's most renowned Supermodel, Carol Alt has gone on to be multi-award winning actress, bestselling author on Raw Food Nutrition and hosting her own show, A Healthy You, on Fox News. Having twice graced the cover of the coveted Sports Illustrated Magazine's Swimsuit Edition and in February 2014 Alt was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit franchise. Alt's other activities include hosting various TV and radio morning shows and newscasts, including Good Day Live, GMA, Access Hollywood, and E! Entertainment. Forever touted as "the model that started the Supermodel trend" by John Casablanca, the owner of Elite Models – made Carol the first ever "Super Elite Model in the Supeer Elite Division." The press therefore dubbed her the first "Supermodel."
  • Book Title: A Healthy You: Boost Your Energy, Live Cleaner, and Look and Feel Younger Every Day
  • Guest Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/modelcarolalt
  • Guest Twitter Account: @ModelCarolAlt
Carol Alt: Age Doesn't Define Health, Nutrition Does
One of the things that Carol Alt is forever adamant about, is that she practices what she preaches when it comes to health and wellness. Not only that, but if she can do all the things to improve her help by herself (no trainers, no personal chefs, etc.), you can too.

In essence, Carol healed herself of heartburn, headaches, colds, flu and allergies, simply by changing her diet.

Many people thing that health issues are just a part of getting older. Carol disagrees.

"The older I got, the better I got, simply because of the food I was eating."

Listen in as Carol joins Andrea to share her most recent health discoveries, including her EMF (Electromagnetic Field) "tent," which has helped her to sleep so much better, as well as the honorary doctorate she will be receiving from the New York College of Health Professions.

RadioMD Presents: Naturally Savvy | Original Air Date: April 29, 2015
Hosts: Andrea Donsky, RHN & Lisa Davis
Guest: Carol Alt

She’s not here to judge, she’s here to report the honest news on healthy living. She’s Andrea Donsky along with Lisa Davis. It's time for Naturally Savvy.

ANDREA: Hello, everybody. Lisa is off today, so I will be hosting the show solo. I had the opportunity to meet today's guest last week when I was in New York and I have to say, I absolutely adore her. Carol Alt is the ultimate pioneer and chameleon who is always looking for new ideas and frontiers. Dubbed as the first super model, Carol has written many books on healthy living and her newest one, which I got to see last week, A Health You, is now available.

Carol, I’m so happy to have you on the show today.

CAROL: Andrea, and I’m so sorry I didn’t give you the book, but I was sitting there with you in my office. How silly! We’re going to send it to you, though. So, you’re not just going to see it. You’ll have one.

ANDREA: Well, thank you. Well, I did receive the galley and I had a chance to read it and, Carol, I…I mean, really. I love what you wrote and I know we talked a little bit about it last time you were on the show, but, you know, really, you’re such an inspiration for all of us who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle because for those of you who are listening, I mean, Carol, really lives the lifestyle. And, you know, Carol, I’ve spoken to so many people and people who, they talk, but they may not necessarily walk their talk and you, really, you do it all. So, hands down to what you’re doing and how you’re really helping everybody.

CAROL: Well, you know the thing is, is that I got such great results from it. I mean, that’s really the simple, bottom line. If I didn’t get results, I wouldn’t keep doing it either. So, when people don’t walk the walk that they talk, it’s probably because whatever they’re talking about doesn’t really work.

ANDREA: You know what? That’s very true. So, tell everybody just a little bit about what it is that you do that helps keep you so beautiful and so vibrant.

CAROL: Well, you know, for me, Andrea, it all goes back to the food we eat. It really, really does and when you’re eating great food, the body just responds. It’s amazing the things I was able to turn around. I mean, heartburn and headaches and colds and flu and all these things that were starting to happen when you’re 34. I mean, it’s been almost 17 years and, well, it actually has been 17 years, come to think of it, and I don’t have any of those issues now. So, when people say, “Oh, it’s just you’re getting old and you have to put up with that happening to you because you’re getting older,” it’s not the truth. The older I got, the better I got and that simply was because of my food.

ANDREA: You know, one of the things that really resonated with me when I was with you last week is for much of my life, people would say, “Oh, you’re so crazy. Oh, I can’t believe you do that. You’re such an extremist,” and when I was with you, I literally felt like I was with…I was like, “Oh, my god. I love it!” because you are like me and you really take your health seriously and you do things to make sure that you’re always surrounded and you’re always eating healthy food or surrounded by healthy things. So, one of the things I loved that you showed me was the net around your room—the net for the EMF’s. Tell me a little bit about that and also where people can look into that because I’m telling you, I have to buy one. I absolutely loved it and I’ve never heard of it. So, I want you to tell our listeners a little bit about what you showed me.

CAROL: Well, the thing is, is that like if you’re in a city environment like where my office is, and that’s where you work, you get bombarded constantly by all the WiFi’s, the hot spots, everything. And, you know, the body is not meant to take that assault 24/7. So, at my home, it’ s a little bit less because we have really no neighbors, but if you’ve got neighbors, just turning on your cell phone. You can see how many WiFi’s your phone pics up that are in the local area and one of the things I’ve always spoken to Dr. Gonzalez about and, you know, he wrote the forward of my three raw books, Eating Raw and Easy, Sexy, Raw and Raw 50, is that some people get sick and they don’t know why they’re sick and they can’t find the source of the sickness. I always say the first thing to try is changing your food because you get such amazing results, but sometimes there are still residual effects and they can’t figure out what the residual effects are coming from. Many times, it’s from EMF’s because they’re just not a radio frequency that the body needs. You know, we’re all electricity and we’re all frequencies so when all these different radio frequencies and WiFi frequencies hit our body, it just screws things up, basically. So, what I bought is, you know, it’s really kind of funny because a lot of people think it’s a mosquito netting, like you need mosquito netting in New York, but it’s and EMF tent and it goes over the bed and between the sheets, I put a little bit of copper sheeting and I had my friend, Camilla Reef, who had been on my show, A Healthy You with Carol Alt, on Fox News, and she put her meter underneath the tent. She only got a zero under here. And I said, “You know what the weird thing is? It’s the minute I put the tent up, I slept like a lot.” I slept unbelievably well. Now, I even put the tent over if I’m in bed watching TV. I watch TV right through the tent. I don’t care because it makes me feel so good. So, that’s what I did.

ANDREA: That’s amazing.

CAROL: I went around the apartment trying to like, you know, lessen the EMFs is what I tried to do and I got it from the EMF Superstore.

ANDREA: And, for those of you who are listening who aren’t sure what an EMF is, it’s an electromagnetic field and what Carol is saying that her friend measured it with was a Gauss meter. By the way, I mean, you can buy Gauss meters online. I mean, they’re not that expensive.

CAROL: Oh, yes. Absolutely.

ANDREA: So, if you’re curious…Right. And, I’m guessing the EMF Superstore carries that as well. I mean, you could check the Gauss…

CAROL: They carry everything.

ANDREA: Yes. See, that’s amazing. So, I’m definitely going to get one of those tents and for those of…You know, because a lot of us feel that we’re powerless when it comes to the electromagnetic fields around us, so I think that’s such a great tool and tip for people to be able to take with them, literally, anywhere they go, but also put it in their home—in their safe environment. So, I thought that was amazing.

Carol, I want to open up a little bit because…


ANDREA: Oh, go ahead. No, go ahead.

CAROL: You know what else is really cool is because they put cell towers on a lot of the buildings in the city and the cell tower draws dirty electricity. So, I also got some dirty electricity filters which really helped a lot, too, especially around my bed. But you know, you can’t go too crazy with it because like what are you going to do? It comes in through walls; it comes in through windows; it comes in through everywhere. But, at least while you’re sleeping, the tent and keeping your sleeping area clean is really, really important so you can heal while you sleep.

ANDREA: See? And I love that. I think we’re taking away simple little tips and that’s such an easy one to do, so that’s why I just loved that you had that.


ANDREA: I want to talk a little bit. We have about two and a half minutes left. I want to talk about your doctorate. I heard you have an honorary doctorate and I want to congratulate you. That’s really exciting.

CAROL: Isn’t that awesome? I mean, you know, a little girl from Long Island. Yes. I’m going to get a doctorate—an honorary doctorate—from the New York College of Health Professions because I’m going to be their commencement speaker. And, you know, the great thing about the New York College of Health Professions is that they do amazing non-profit work. So, they are turning out fabulous massage therapists, acupuncturists, people who are trained in oriental medicine and it’s really nice because they’re turning out trained people. You know, many times you go into these crazy places and they look so alternative and you’re not sure about the person putting their hands on you and if they’ve got a doctorate from the College of Health Professions, at least you know they’re trained. They know what they’re doing and so they’ve asked me to do their commencement speech this weekend, so it’ll be my first time doing a commencement speech. This should be interesting.

ANDREA: Oh, I’m sure you’re going to do amazing. That is so exciting and I’m really happy for you, Carol. You know what? You so deserve it because the work that you’ve done with everything that you do: with your books and your show and all the things that you’re doing. I think that you deserve it. So, I’m really happy for you.

CAROL: Thank you, Andrea. It’s very sweet of you. The thing is, I don’t know who deserves what these days. All I know is that I need to pay it forward for all the people that helped me with my health; for all the people that are suffering. You know, for me this is a mission. This isn’t about doctorates; it’s not about selling books; it’s not about making money because this is a labor of love that I do. I made my money doing movies and modeling and I hurt myself severely with all the stress and eating crappy. This, for me, really is my life’s calling. This is really what I feel I was meant to do. And that’s why I stay on this walk because I really feel it’s important. If I’m out there preaching that I’m doing what I preach because it shows other people that it can be done. I do it without chefs or without trainers and all this. I mean, I do it, literally, on my own. So, know it can be done and it’s really, really important to do and it’s people like you and Lisa who get the word out and give people like me a voice that is so amazing. You guys do such a good job.

ANDREA: Well, thank you, Carol. Well, unfortunately, we’re out of time for today, but if you want it, Carol, where can people find your book? Is it on Amazon?

CAROL: It’s on Amazon and pre-sales right now and we hit May 12. You can go to CarolAlt.com because we’re doing a little giveaway, so sign up for the giveaway

ANDREA: Awesome. And, you can also follow Carol on Twitter @ModelAlt. I know I do. Thank you for being on the show today, Carol.

I’m Andrew Donsky and, usually with Lisa Davis, but she’s not here today. This is Naturally Savvy radio on RadioMD.

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