What’s Broccoli Got to Do with Detoxing?

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Summary: Did you know that broccoli, other than being a great source of nutrition, is also really great for detoxification?
Air Date: 5/27/15
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Ashley Koff, RD
Ashley-KoffAshley Koff is an internationally-renowned registered dietitian who believes better nutrition is simple and is on a mission to help anyone achieve their personal health goals by providing simple but highly effective tips and strategies. A self-described “Qualitarian,” Koff emphasizes the value of quality nutritional choices in achieving optimal health and has developed tools such as The AKA Qualitarian Nutrition Plan and The AKA Personal Shopper to help facilitate this.

Koff is widely sought after for her knowledge and ability to translate nutrition science into practical and motivating messages and appears regularly in the National Media, has authored two books and speaks frequently on the topic of better quality choices for better health.
What’s Broccoli Got to Do with Detoxing?
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Broccoli seems to be one of those vegetables that people aren't too averse to... well, unless you're former President, George H. W. Bush.

But, typically, kids are OK with this veggie, especially if you spice it up with some yummy sea salt or drizzle it with olive oil.

While all the pieces and parts of broccoli have benefits, what you might not think to eat are the leaves. In fact, according to Registered Dietitian, Ashley Koff, the leaves are a great source of calcium; as much as a glass of milk.

The key is to not over-cook broccoli; instead, lightly steam it. More often than not, people are cooking broccoli too long or at too high of a temperature and many of the nutritional benefits are lost.

Did you know that broccoli, other than being a great source of nutrition, is also really great for detoxification?

Broccoli contains something called glucoraphanin, which helps promote the production of sulforaphane, a molecule that is extremely powerful in enabling detoxification.

Koff says that if you're not crazy about fresh broccoli, you can also supplement with broccoli extracts. You have to be careful, however, as not all broccoli extracts contain glucoraphanin.

In order to get the most detoxification benefits, you should be buying organic broccoli. Even organic frozen broccoli will work. Plus, it's always available and tends to cost a bit less than fresh organic as well.

In the accompanying audio segment, Registered Dietitian, Ashley Koff, shares more of the benefits of broccoli, including the leaves, as well as simple ways to incorporate broccoli into your everyday nutritional regimen.
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