Encore Episode - Super Moms Everywhere: Quit Fooling Yourselves!

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Striving for the "super mom" status can be a losing battle.
Air Date: 1/2/18
Duration: 22:32
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Nealy Fischer
Nealy-FischerCelebrated wellness expert and healthy living innovator, Nealy Fischer, has helped countless people eat well, move more, and ultimately to crave a healthier lifestyle.

Nealy strives to make it possible for everyone to master their own kitchen (and life) while forging their own path, not following a carbon copy rule book. Admittedly a reformed perfectionist, she learned her craft as a child in her mother’s kitchen, spending years applying all the rules before deciding it was far more exciting to break them. Pleasing a husband, four children, and evolving groups of guests, she writes and tests her own recipes until they pass muster with people’s diverse palates and dietary needs.

Nealy splits her time between Hong Kong, Israel, and the United States. Her global lifestyle yields many rewards. Living on three continents provides the impetus to go-with-the-flow living and re-imagine recipes, making flexibility the main ingredient in preparing the food her family, friends, and guests crave.

An intense study of yoga taught Nealy one must first be skilled and strong in the basics in order to bend, a mantra she passionately applies to all she does. Her blog, newsletter, YouTube cooking channel, and lifestyle videos -- some featuring her children as they forge their own paths in the kitchen -- inspire others to lead creative and healthy lives, and to take the reins in the process.

Her mission to help others live a more craveable life has resulted in the design and execution of immersive cooking events, luxury yoga retreats, and women’s wellness empowerment programs with renowned health professionals.
  • Guest Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/FlexibleChef/
Encore Episode - Super Moms Everywhere: Quit Fooling Yourselves!
Balancing life as a mom can be a challenge at times, especially if your kids are involved in multiple activities, your partner works long hours, or your child has special needs.

Putting too much pressure on yourself can be mentally, emotionally and physically damaging. Striving for the "super mom" status can be a losing battle. 

Listen in as Nealy Fischer, "The Flexible Chef," joins host Lisa Davis to discuss the idea of a super mom and why trying to achieve that title can have you spinning your wheels.
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