A Chef’s Take on the Keto Diet

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Gain insights on the keto diet from a chef.
Air Date: 6/12/18
Duration: 29:15
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Chef Gerard Viverito
Gerard-ViveritoChef Gerard Viverito, is a culinary instructor as the Director of Culinary Education for Passionfish, a NGO non-profit organization dedicated to educating people around the globe on the issue of sustainability in the seas. [www.passionfish.org]

He is also operator of Saveur Fine Catering, a company whose beliefs and products center on local, sustainable and organic foods.

Chef Viverito’s pantry is loaded with items commonly overlooked in the supermarkets, yet he has a thorough understanding of them and a passion to teach others how to cook more healthfully.

In addition, Chef Viverito has dedicated a large part of his career to what he terms “functional cooking.” This is where he adds nutritional ingredients to dishes to gain healthful results. He is well known for his ability to lower the glycemic index value of food, add omega fatty acids, and whole proteins to dishes without compromising the texture or taste. He appears regularly on radio and television programs demonstrating this as well as consulting clients on their dietary needs. www.ChefGerard.com
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A Chef’s Take on the Keto Diet
The ketogenic diet has been dominating nutrition headlines of late. It’s proven helpful for those with inflammatory disorders, as well as individuals hoping to slim down.

Enjoying food is part of a chef’s daily life. A pre-diabetic diagnosis urged chef Gerard Viverito to rethink his personal eating habits.

The body seeks its fuel from fats and sugars. By consuming less sugar, the body will start burning body fat. Avoiding unhealthy fats, sugar and processed food are part of the keto diet.

Gerard encountered what is known as the “keto flu,” a sugar craving that leaves one feeling drained, exhausted and ill. This will pass, but it is not comfortable.

Fiber supplementation may be necessary with the reduction of carbs.

Listen as Gerard joins host Lisa Davis to discuss his experience with the keto diet in his own life as a chef.
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