Brainpowered Weight Loss

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Engage your brain for dieting success.
Air Date: 6/19/18
Duration: 22:47
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Eliza Kingsford, MA, LPC, NCC
Eliza KingsfordEliza Kingsford is a licensed psychotherapist with an intense passion for helping people heal their relationship to food. She's the author of Brainpowered Weightloss, an 11-step first-of-its-kind program that enlists dozens of mind-altering and behavior-changing exercises and techniques for readers - to regain how they feel around food and how to attain weight loss success for life. 

She specializes in body image, weight management, eating disorders and food addiction. She has been on National TV shows such as Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, CNN and in news outlets such as The Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post and more.
  • Book Title: Brainpowered Weightloss
  • Guest Facebook Account: @empoweredwellnesscamp @elizakingsford
Brainpowered Weight Loss
So much conflicting information exists regarding diets. Opinions on the “best” diet vary from person to person.

Psychotherapist Eliza Kingsford found that the emotional connection to food is often overlooked. 

Choosing foods or eating behaviors that best serve one’s health require mindfulness and conscious decisions. Examining the patterns that lead one to choose certain foods can help change the behavior. Make sure that the feeling of hunger is attached to a desire for food. If one is truly hungry, a healthy alternative to snack foods will satisfy.

Listen as Eliza joins Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis to discuss how to engage your brain for mindful eating and how to discuss diet concerns with children.
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