Narcissistic Abuse

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Beware the relationship with a narcissist.
Air Date: 6/26/18
Duration: 22:09
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Morgan McKean
Morgan-McKeanNamed one of OC Metro’s “40 Under 40” in 2011 for her unique lifestyle brand, Modern Mystic, Morgan McKean has one purpose: to show people how to stop their emotional suffering by teaching them to deliberately create their reality. When Morgan appears, people’s lives change... for the better. With 20 years of experience spiritual transformation, she demystifies the real-world implementation of spiritual principles and human-potential techniques, to set people free so they can lead happier, more successful lives.

Morgan’s intuition and empathy allow her to see behind “closed doors,” where she looks deep inside people’s hearts and minds to create life-altering transformation that allows for healing to occur in those she works with. Through her blog, videos, and D.I.Y. and in-person coaching programs, she reaches a global audience with her messages of intuitive living, self-love, and expanding consciousness.

Currently the resident Intuitive Life Coach for the world renown Spa at Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast, Morgan works with five star luxury venues such as the Beverly Wilshire to produce powerful spiritual and wellness events. Whether in her private and group sessions, or on stage, Morgan uses humor and straight-talk to teach individuals from all walks of life; how to more effectively use the power of their minds and intuition to manifest their dreams.

A prolific content creator, Morgan’s landmark book and self-help guide, Becoming Princess Charming: Creating the Magical Mindset for Your Happily Ever After, has been a hit with women and bloggers alike. Morgan’s work has been featured in Aspire Magazine, Woman’s Day, The Daily Love, Coco Eco Magazine, MSN.com, Wisdom Magazine, Self-Growth, Perspectives Radio, and Ebony Magazine, among others.

You can also find Morgan on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and of course, Facebook.
  • Book Title: Becoming Princess Charming: Creating the Magical Mindset for Your Happily Ever After
  • Guest Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/1morganmckean
  • Guest Twitter Account: @morganbmckean
Narcissistic Abuse
You may call your friend who posts photos for validation on social media a narcissist. In actuality, narcissism is a mental disorder in which a person’s emotional maturity hasn’t developed beyond preschool age. It is also a genetic mutation that can be spotted in the brain images for individuals who have suffered childhood abuse.

Intuitive healer and empath Morgan McKean gained firsthand experience with narcissistic behavior in childhood. Empaths are often born of narcissistic parents.

Narcissism runs on a spectrum. Sociopathic narcissists are portrayed as bad guys in movies. Celebrities who are out of touch are mid-level narcissists. Mild narcissism can be spotted in Instagram models. Everyone with self-esteem has a healthy level of narcissism.

Signs of narcissism

  • Noticing they have lack of empathy or remorse
  • Love bombing and trying to move the relationship along too quickly
  • Mirroring your likes and dislikes instantly
  • Treating people like new toys, devaluing you when they’re no longer interested
  • Making you feel like you have to earn the accolades they gave early in the relationship
Morgan recommends eliminating all contact to avoid returning to the relationship. Eliminate the addiction to that person by blocking and hiding that person through social media and all communication methods.

Listen as Morgan joins Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis to share how narcissistic abuse occurs and how to live through it.
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