Natural Beauty Products

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Beauty products and wellness should not be mutually exclusive.
Air Date: 7/24/18
Duration: 15:53
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN & Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Suzannah Raff, Founder of Cleo&Coco
Suzannah-RaffWith a background in marketing and management, our founder, Suzannah Raff worked in high tech and was part of the first tech bubble in the late 1990's. Fast forward a few years, she started a family in her 30's and after a fast paced life in tech and friends' diagnosed with breast and other cancers, she began to start making healthy decisions for her body. Like many of us, she became hyper aware of everything that she put into or onto her pregnant and nursing body - especially deodorants.

Many began warning her against the aluminum, talc and toxins found in conventional deodorants. Being a newly married mother, she wasn't happy with the idea of having to choose between going non-toxic or living with body odor. Not finding a natural deodorant alternative that worked for her, she returned to her love of essential oils and research, creating the combination of natural, non-toxic, healing ingredients like coconut derived activated charcoal, bentonite clay and essential oils that lead to the creation of Cleo&Coco, named for her commitment to CLean ingredients with COCOnut essence.
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Natural Beauty Products
Choosing between body odor and chemicals can seem like a no-win situation. It’s culturally unacceptable to stink, even though it's a result of your body purging toxins and cooling itself via sweat.

Cleo&Coco founder Suzannah Raff worked to reconcile a product for body odor that wasn’t filled with talc, aluminum and other toxins. Blending essential oils with coconut-derived activated charcoal and bentonite clay resulted in a formula that doesn’t compromise health.

Listen as Suzannah joins Lisa Davis to discuss how she created her product and the importance of natural beauty products.