Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy, Fresh Food

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Bonnie McDaniel shares tips for getting your kids to eat more healthy and fresh foods.
Air Date: 7/9/19
Duration: 23:41
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Bonnie McDaniel, “Farm Girl In the City”
Bonnie McDaniel, “Farm Girl In the City” is an accomplished chef, gardener and TV host. Her restaurant, Christina’s at The Bailiwick, was a Wine Spectator Award winner, recognized for having one of the best food and wine menus in the world. Her inn, The Baliwick was also a distinguished member of Select Registry a club of the top inns in the country.

A connoisseur of all things good, Bonnie McDaniel developed her brand, “Good Living” writing about what she loves; sharing personal and anecdotal experiences on food, gardening, travel and spiritual sustenance. Having been raised by her grandparents whose livelihood was cooking and farming, she shares a food and gardening tradition rich with southern history that is relevant to contemporary well-being.

She is an author of three books, In the Eye of the Storm: A Celebration of Family and The Real Purpose of Home, Queen Bee and her newest cookbook, Farm Girl in the City – Of Food and Love (Spring 2018 release), the first in a five cookbook series. She is a contributing writer for Small Room Decorating, food and gardening writer for patch.com, a former editor for Family Digest Magazine and the creator and Editor-in-Chief for Recipes for Good Living Magazine.

Bonnie is an on-air food and gardening segment contributor for ABC’s Good Morning Washington, Fox 5 Morning News, CBS and CNN/HLN. She has also appeared on the TODAY Show sharing seasonal recipes and best practices for the home and garden.
  • Book Title: Farm Girl in The City: Of Food and Love
  • Guest Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/bonniemcdanielgoodliving
  • Guest Twitter Account: @bonniemcgood
Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy, Fresh Food
Summer brings with it plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Even so, your kids might turn their noses up at eating these healthy options -- and instead clamor for ice cream and slushies. 

Bonnie McDaniel, author of Farm Girl in The City: Of Food and Love, suggests making a day of going to a local farmer's market or even dining at a farm-to-table establishment. Some markets even have fun educational programs that kids can participate in.

You can always task your kids with searching for fun, yummy recipes that you'll incorporate the foods you pick up at the market. 

If you're able to have a garden, kids may garner satisfaction from eating the foods they've planted and harvested. 

Listen as Bonnie joins host Lisa Davis to share tips for getting your kids to eat more healthy and fresh foods.