What is Spirituality?

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: What exactly is spirituality?
Air Date: 9/18/15
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: Yeshaia Blakeney, CAADAC
Shy Profile Picture 1Yeshaia Blakeney is the co-­founder of Integrity Treatment Program and an addictions expert with 12 years experience working in treatment. Receiving his addictions counseling education at UCLA, he then received his BA from Antioch University, and is currently pursuing his Masters in Rabbinics at AJRCA.

Specializing in spiritual counseling, philosophy of addiction, group facilitation and addiction education, Yeshaia's experience, knowledge and know­how is unique in the field of drug and alcohol treatment. Yeshaia has been in recovery himself since 2003 and his personal experience of addiction and sobriety facilitates a deep connection with his clients. Yeshaia is not your typical addictions specialist: a Hip Hop musician, philosopher, spiritual counselor, Rabbinic student, and perpetual learner, Yeshaia embodies passionate living in recovery.
What is Spirituality?
What is spirituality?

Spirituality can shape how a person recovers from addiction. It is not simply religion; it's a way of being. 

Through Yeshaia Blakeney's experience with addiction and recovery, he has discovered a unique spiritual path that shapes everything he does.

Listen in as he joins host Erica Spiegelman to share his journey, as well as what spirituality entails.