Turn On Your Inner Guidance System

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: Is there a way to move through the decision‐making process that will leave you feeling satisfied and confident in the path you've chosen?
Air Date: 3/4/16
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: ​Leanna Lapidus, CHt, MNLP
LeannaLapidusLeanna Lapidus is an author of You Have a Choice, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and solution-focused coach. Leanna combines various tools and methods, helping people heal the past, accept the present, and create a desired future so they can reach their full potential and take their power back.

Her methods speak to everyone who races through life, trying to outrun depression, anxiety, addiction, or fear. 

Leanna has overcome personal challenges of fear, depression, and a lifetime struggle with addiction in her family. What she experienced through her own personal transformation, using the powerful tools of Hypnosis, NLP, Therapeutic Imagery and Inner Child healing, she now gets to share with the world. Using her expertise, wisdom, intuition and experience in helping guide people on their life’s journey to self‐acceptance, self‐love, happiness, fulfilling relationships and freedom from addictions. 

The reason her methods work is because they were born in doubt, pushed into the light, and dragged from one moment to the next until they could stand on their own and provide a path for others to follow, She survived and now she has the tools to help others get to a better place. Leanna works with people all over the world and has a private practice in Los Angeles, CA, and can help you to get to where you want to be. Out-of-country clients are welcome, sessions are done via phone or video. 

Leanna is available for individual sessions, family sessions, group sessions, workshops on self­awareness, mindfulness, awareness of thought, inner child healing, and many other topics. Guided meditation, hypnosis CDs and teaching sessions are available on her website, Lets face it, the longest relationship you will have is with yourself, this is the most important relationship to work on.
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Turn On Your Inner Guidance System
​Making a big decision about life, a relationship, or a job often fills you with anxiety. 

You might question yourself at every turn, second‐guess your choices, and ultimately don't enjoy the results of your decision because of this anxiety and self doubt. 

Leanna Lapidus believes that there is a way to move through the decision‐making process that will leave you feeling satisfied and confident in the path you've chosen. 

The secret is learning how to tune into your intuition, which can be your strongest guiding force... if you let it. 

Leanna shares how you can tap into and trust your intuition, be guided by your own truth, and be more at peace with your decisions.