​Unlimiting & Unlabeling Yourself

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: This world is one in which labels are consciously placed on everything.
Air Date: 3/18/16
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: ​Cher Consenza
CherCosenzaActress, Model, Private Investigator with an MBA & Law Degree... who is she? Cher Cosenza is all of these. A chameleon, who is an actress seen in feature films, several hit TV shows, as well as being a series regular, and seen on 50‐foot billboards in Times Square ALL while having a "License to Carry."

Cher is a licensed Private Investigator running her own Private Investigation Company, Alternative Investigations, LLC. On top of that, Cher earned a Juris Doctorate and MBA from Fordham University, School of Law. Talk about a triple threat: brains, beauty and the ability to turn into any role needed.

Cher recently appeared on CBS LA on the 5 pm news for a week of segments called; "Safe At Home With Cher Cosenza" & Good Day NY Fox 5 in a segment that highlighted her many talents and accomplishment as an actress, model and private investigator. 

As Cher walks the runways during Fashion Week in New York City, she rolled all of her past and present experience into one. Wearing stilettos on her feet and a "piece" in her ear, she walked the red carpet and Catwalk. While the ear piece kept her in constant contact with her people running the executive protection and security for the entire venue, she's was ready to spring into action knowing all too well the legal boundaries she was within. As a Senior Editor of the Fordham Corporate and Financial Law Journal, Cher would leave her classes to go on‐set to shoot a television show or film she was cast in, or run to a photo‐shoot, while a 50‐foot billboard of her wearing a designer’s latest top fashion, bikini or lingerie, stared back at her and her classmates. 

In the past Cher has not only been seen on TV, film, red carpets and magazines, she also has appeared in many major publications and on talk shows across the country. Cher was named “The Totally Cosmo Girl,” in Cosmopolitan Magazine and was featured in Psychology Today, regarding what it’s like as a female private investigator from a psychological standpoint dealing with men, philanderers, cyber‐ hackers, corporate espionage and the entertainment world.

Cher’s life keeps her in the fast lane! Balancing the entertainment world and her private investigation company, Alternative Investigations, LLC, she travels on private jets serving as the spokesperson for a global aviation company,, ALL while trotting the world, going after her subjects, showing up to sets on time and maintaining the life of a chameleon.
​Unlimiting & Unlabeling Yourself
This world is one in which labels are consciously placed on everything

This tends to lock people into various roles and ideas of what they should and shouldn’t do. 

These labels limit your potential and hold you back. 

Cher Cosenza is a living example of the power of unlabeling and unlimiting yourself. 

Cher is an actress, as well as a licensed private investigator, who has earned her law degree and MBA. 

Cher discusses defying expectations and how you can rise above labels to create the life you want.