Tips for Finding Happiness in Your Life

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: Happiness is something you are constantly chasing. Would you even know it if you found it?
Air Date: 4/1/16
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: Christina Nimergood
NimergoodChristina Nimergood is a southern/Midwestern/Coast girl born in Texas raised in Iowa and Nebraska by her mom, step dad, sister and grandparents. She then moved back to Texas to live with her dad, step mom and brother. This is also where she met her high school sweet heart, now husband, who she moved to North Carolina with only to two years later move yet again to Colorado where she graduated from the university AND also where she developed a gnarly addiction. Christina and her husband moved one more time, after three years, to their dream location of California, where she became sober, had a date with destiny and is now living a purpose driven life of inspiring, empowering and helping other millennial females be the change they wish to see in the world. What a life.
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Tips for Finding Happiness in Your Life
Happiness is something you are constantly chasing... but, would you even know it if you found it? 

Happiness is different for every person, and sometimes you might be so caught up in the hunt for happy that you forget to stay in touch with what you want. 

Christina Nimergood has a firsthand understanding of the hunt for happiness. 

She has dedicated her life to helping people get in touch with what really brings them happiness. 

Christina shares some practical tips and tools that can help you identify what you need to be truly happy in life and how you can take your first steps towards joy.